Maintenance Of Ductless Air Conditioners: Your Guide

Ductless air conditioners are one of the better and more cost-effective cooling systems available for temperature moderating purposes. You need to make sure that you ensure proper maintenance of your ductless cooling unit. If you do not take adequate care and up-keeping of the ductless air condition seriously, it will shorten the life of your system and will bring down the performance of the unit. While you should leave most of the technical services to a qualified technician, you can follow some steps yourself at home that require less expertise but will help you to increase the functions and lifespan of your air conditioning unit. Following eight tips will help you to run some basic maintenance on the ductless air conditioner.

1. Keep the Outer Tidy

One essential thing that can increase the life of your system is to keep it clean and free from dirt and debris. The outside portion of the system is more open to dust and can choke the system and its performance. If you make sure you clean the outer regularly it will not only keep the unit clean but also prevent the dirt from accumulating over time that can lead to many issues with the system. Make a weekly dusting routine and clean the exterior by using a damp piece of clean cloth, and you can also use some cleaning chemicals to help keep the machine clean and prevent any clogging because of dirt and debris.

2. Give it Some Area

While ductless air conditioners need limited space than your ordinary air conditioning system, they do work better if the fitting is in a larger area with some space to operate. Make sure your unit remains open, and there are no larger objects such as a furniture item or an art piece surrounding the system. Not only large object block the functioning of the air conditioner, but these also build more dust and debris that will bring down the efficiency of the unit. Ideally, you should leave at least 4 feet for surrounding space in all directions. If anything is surrounding the system, it is best to remove such hindrances.

3. Switch Off the System

Naturally, you need to clean the whole system including the outside and inside portion of the unit. Before you start the cleaning make sure that you switch off the system. This precaution is a must as it will help you to keep your system safe and will also protect you while you clean the system. If you do not switch off the unit, you are not only putting the system in danger but can even risk electrocution yourself. Always give your system some time to cool when you switch it off.

4. Separate the Filters

The filters in your system are some of the most critical parts for monitoring the functionality of your ductless air conditioner. Without proper keeping, these filters can lead to reduced performance.

To clean your air filters, you will want to remove them from the inside of the unit correctly. Use a clear-cut, dry cloth to wipe the screens clear of dirt and dust. You can review your manual for learning about how often you should perform this job. Ideally, you should do the cleaning every four weeks for best results.

The filters prevent dust to accumulate on other parts of the unit and bring down the cooling of the system. At some time you should replace your filters as such investments are necessary to increase and retain the performance of your unit.

5. Ensure Proper Cleaning of the Coil and Condenser

You should ensure proper maintenance of the outside of the unit.

Regular maintenance of your condenser and coil should be your preference to clear the outdoor dirt and debris and prevent it from collecting on any outside part of your unit.

First, you need to turn off the unit and use a garden hose to spray and clean the system. Check and make sure you do not bend any fins during the spray and in case the fins show some bends you may use an alignment comb to put them back in position. Make sure that the unit is left to dry completely after the wash. Repeat this task at least one time a week to keep the system functioning at an optimal level.

6. Cleaning of the Pipes

The pipes are an essential part of transferring the heat and cold air into your house. When the tubes get dirty, they can block the wind from going into your home. This blockage will prevent your ductless air conditioner from functioning. Make sure that you take a look at the pipes occasionally and clean it during the time you are cleaning the filters.

7. Monitor for Ice or Snow

When applied for heat, ductless air conditioners can accumulate ice and snow, which can hinder their capability to operate efficiently. Always inspect the outside of your appliances for collection, and if you locate any, tenderly separate it from the system.

8. Hire a Professional

While you can take care of some cleaning and maintenance by yourself, you should also schedule an appointment with a qualified technician and hire him for a complete inspection of your system. Make sure you ascertain the reputation of the technicians by checking online testimonials about the technician and his company.

You should hire a technician to inspect and check your system thoroughly at least once a year. The technicians will check for all details and recommend necessary maintenance, repair and replacement options for your air conditioning unit. Do not get the temptation to try to manage the technical operation on your own as you can not only damage the system but put yourself at risk as well of dealing with the electrical components without having the skills and expertise to keep yourself safe.